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The Magician Essentials Bundle

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Do you have what it takes to be a Magician?

Are you an aspiring Magician?

Do you have all the basic essentials for a successful magical practice?

Imagine getting everything you need in one purchase!

The Magician Essentials bundle is the first four Mind & Magick programs by Frater Xavier at one low discounted price, essential for every aspiring magician wanting to create change and take control of their own reality.

With over 20 years of experience with occult magick, Frater Xavier gives you everything you need to start a successful magick practice and start living the life you deserve.

Words of Power, Manifesting Reality, The Secrets of Wealth, Fire & Water

The Magician Essentials includes the following programs:

Words of Power (Full Version)

Topics included in Words of Power:

  • Magick & the Subconscious Mind
  • The Will - What it is & How to use it (The Will is NOT Desire)
  • The Necessity of Expression & the Importance of Silence
  • The Power of the Voice and the spoken word
  • The Self Imposed Jinx - Keep from cursing yourself & bless instead
  • Writing your own reality and reaping the rewards
  • Da'ath - the hidden Sephirot that no one will talk about - until now!
  • Speaking in Tongues - How & why it can benefit your magickal practice.
  • The Alchemical & Archetypal symbolism hidden in every letter of the English language & their practical uses in Magick
  • Using Perspective to achieve your goals
  • How to Remotely & Magickally Influence others

Manifesting Reality: The Complete Sigil Magick Course (Full Version)

Topics included in Manifesting Reality:

  • Symbolism & The Subconscious Mind
  • How to craft effective Statements of Intent
  • Creating & Simplifying your Sigils
  • Charging & Sigil Activation
  • Long Term Strategies w/ Astrological Correspondences
  • Sigil Shoaling
  • Creating Your Own Mantras
  • Helpful Tips & Tricks in Getting the Most From Your Sigils

The Secrets of Wealth

Topics included in The Secrets of Wealth:

  • The most important factor that determines a persons wealth
  • Correcting habits of thought that keep people from a life of prosperity
  • Why working is the worst way to earn money
  • The cyclical nature of the flow of money
  • The first thing you should invest in when you're low on cash
  • How the state of your home will effect your income
  • How to increase your income by simply lighting a candle
  • The importance of water in relation to money and how to use it
  • The magickal checkbook - what banks have been doing for decades!
  • How to get money by breaking a few eggs
  • How to get money from a pile of dirt
  • The most conductive attitude that attracts wealth
  • The simplest yet most difficult thing for people to do that can have a serious impact on increasing their wealth

Fire & Water

Topics included in Fire & Water:

  • The symbolism and power of fire
  • The ins and outs of candle magick
  • Detailed color correspondences for candle spells
  • Using fire to manifest your desires
  • How to perform magick while eating a meal
  • Programming your drinking water to manifest your desires
  • The importance of blessing food & drink
  • How to use water to rid yourself of problems & obstacles
  • Ridding yourself of enemies and halting others actions against you
  • The use of the ritual bath and how bathing can bring magickal results
  • The significance & potency of blood magick
  • How a drop of blood will supercharge your magick & when to use it.

.....and much more!

Save almost 20% off the regular price on all four of these must have programs in one convenient bundle than purchased separately! Over 6 hours of content for one low price!

You can begin downloading The Magician Essentials bundle immediately after purchase and start using magick to your advantage today!

You can download this and other Mind & Magick program bundles & courses at

The first four Mind & Magick programs are essential for every modern Magician, get them and get started today!

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Last updated May 25, 2023

Included Programs & Formats:

Words of Power
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Manifesting Reality
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The Secrets of Wealth
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Fire & Water
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The Magician Essentials Bundle

156 ratings
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