The Magician Essentials Vol. 2 Bundle

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Are you ready for next level Magick?

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The Magician Essentials Vol. 2 bundle is the second four Mind & Magick programs by Frater Xavier at one low discounted price, essential for every aspiring Magician wanting to create change and raise their magick to a higher level.

With over 20 years of experience with occult magick, Frater Xavier gives you everything you need to advance your practice & master the magical arts.

The Seven Planetary Powers, Spells of Love & Loss, Protection & Defense, Thoughtforms & Servitors

The Magician Essentials Vol. 2 includes the following programs:

The Seven Planetary Powers: A Guide in Planetary Magick (Full Version)

Topics included in The Seven Planetary Powers:

  • The 3 things that constitute Planetary Magick
  • How to supercharge ordinary magick with Planetary Power
  • The Seven Planetary Powers and their correspondences
  • The importance of the moon cycle and phases
  • Why to avoid working magick during the void of course moon
  • All 49 Planetary Hours and how to best use them
  • A planetary correspondence keyword system to show how to time any operation in the appropriate planetary day and hour
  • How to invoke and call upon all 7 Planetary Powers
  • How to banish planetary influences using the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram (Unicursal and traditional methods both included)
  • How to set up Area of Effect spells using the Planetary Powers
  • The Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto
  • How to clear your energetic body from unwanted & negative energy
  • Planetary Retrogrades and how they affect your magick
  • Why Planetary Offerings should be an important part of your practice
  • The best places to find your planetary magick supplies and other resources

Spells of Love & Loss

Topics included in Spells of Love & Loss:

  • The most important factor that determines success when influencing someone magically.
  • A simple yet powerful love spell to get the person of your dreams with a list of everything you'll need and step by step instructions.
  • A love binding spell using a picture, pencil and some thread.
  • The most effective break up spell to dissolve bad relationships.
  • The most common mistakes that people make when performing love magick.
  • The important skills you need to develop to take your practice to the next level.
  • The one thing you'll need to make your spells far more potent.
  • Targeting specific people vs. casting for someone you've not yet met.
  • Why the person you're influencing may suddenly become angry with you, why it's a good sign and what to do if it happens.
  • How to use magical oils to get attention when leaving the house and the most effective oil to use.
  • What an obsession is and why it kills any love magick that you're performing on the target of your obsession.
  • Why putting your name and the name of the one you love in a heart symbol is a bad idea.
  • The symbolism & planetary correspondences of spell ingredients so you know what & why to use a particular ingredient.
  • Why where you keep your spells can have a big impact on the spell results.
  • A spell to gain the attention of a particular person
  • A spell to gradually warm and sweeten someone to you
  • A break up spell that makes the targets feel trapped in a relationship they want out of
  • A love spell to influence the mind of the target

Protection & Defense

Topics included in Protection & Defense:

  • The 4 forms of curses and attacks
  • How to tell if you're under a curse or attack
  • Self imposed curses and how to remove them
  • The 3 main areas of life that curses and attacks typically effect
  • The one thing novice practitioners rely on to hex others
  • The correct way to cleanse your home of negativity
  • How to make your own holy water
  • Removing negative attachments from objects
  • The importance of having white candles in your home
  • What you should always keep near or under your bed
  • Removing crossed conditions and negative cycles that never end
  • What you should use to wash your floors
  • Herbs that banish negativity and promote purity
  • Why to always use a circle of protection when performing magick
  • Banishing rituals: The first line of defense
  • How forgiving others makes you more resistant to attacks
  • Reversal spells: Return attacks to the sender
  • Mirror Magick: Reflecting the attacks of enemies
  • How to put your enemies in a hell pit of their own making
  • Protection against Shadow People and other entities
  • A Psychic Defense Rite: Half Reversal, Half Protection
  • Using a candle to neutralize an enemy
  • How to get rid of an enemy using a Tic-Tac box
  • Elemental Weapons: How to use the Earth Pentacle as a shield
  • How to conceal yourself from the attacks of others
  • Cursed or just bad planetary transits?
  • The Planet of Protection

Thoughtforms & Servitors

Topics included in Thoughtforms & Servitors:

  • The Traits and Characteristics of Various Forms of Thought
  • Thoughtforms and How They Relate to Paranormal Occurrences
  • Are Thoughtforms Programmable Entities?
  • Avoiding Accidentally Creating Thoughtforms That Work Against You
  • The Hermetic Principle of Mentalism
  • The Differences Between Thoughtforms, Egregores, Tulpas, & Servitors
  • The Corporate Egregore & What it Consists of
  • The Most Important Thoughtform of All
  • Creating Big Changes by Making Small Shifts in Perspective
  • How Your Thoughts Produce Your Results
  • Breaking Looping Patterns of Thought
  • What Constitutes Wisdom and How to Develop It
  • Are Thoughtforms All Psychological?
  • A Ritual to Call Upon Ancestral Spirits for Aid & Assistance
  • Piercing the Veil: How to do the Sign of the Enterer & Sign of Silence
  • Community Thoughtforms and a Servitor to Get a Good Parking Space
  • The Divine Act of Servitor Creation
  • Properly Planning Your Servitor
  • How to Use the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to Create Life
  • The Path of the Flaming Sword: A Ritual to Create Servitors
  • Fail-safes to avoid a "Mr. MeeSeeks" situation with your servitor.
  • Symbolically Formulating Your Servitors Appearance
  • What to Feed Your Servitor and How Often
  • Choosing a Home For Your Servitor When It's at Rest
  • Understanding the Concept of Idols
  • An Easy System for Naming Servitors
  • How to Create Your Servitor's Sigil & Where to Keep it
  • How to Call Your Servitor to You Whenever You Need it
  • How to Re-purpose Your Servitor
  • How to Properly End the Life of a Servitor

....and Much More!

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The Seven Planetary Powers
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Spells of Love & Loss
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Protection & Defense
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Thoughtforms & Servitors
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The Magician Essentials Vol. 2 Bundle

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