Protection & Defense

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How protected are you & those you care about?

Does it sometimes feel like you are living under a curse? 

What if you could reflect negativity back unto those who give it you?

Imagine living life securely knowing that you and those you care about are protected.

From Western Ceremonial Magician Frater Xavier, comes his most requested program to date, Protection & Defense.

With over 20 years experience with occult magick, Frater Xavier teaches the ability to defend oneself and those you love and care about from curses, hexes, jinxes, entities, negative environmental energies, psychic attacks, spells from other practitioners, and more!

Incredibly important but often overlooked, protection magick is a vital part of any magickal practice.

Protection & Defense is an essential part of any magickal practice, especially in a time where more and more people are beginning to practice magick.

Protection & Defense is a 2 part audio program that includes:

  • The 4 forms of curses and attacks
  • How to tell if you're under a curse or attack
  • Self imposed curses and how to remove them
  • The 3 main areas of life that curses and attacks typically effect
  • The one thing novice practitioners rely on to hex others
  • The correct way to cleanse your home of negativity
  • How to make your own holy water
  • Removing negative attachments from objects
  • The importance of having white candles in your home
  • What you should always keep near or under your bed
  • Removing crossed conditions and negative cycles that never end
  • What you should use to wash your floors
  • Herbs that banish negativity and promote purity
  • Why to always use a circle of protection when performing magick
  • Banishing rituals: The first line of defense
  • How forgiving others makes you more resistant to attacks
  • Reversal spells: Return attacks to the sender
  • Mirror Magick: Reflecting the attacks of enemies
  • How to put your enemies in a hell pit of their own making
  • Protection against Shadow People and other entities
  • A Psychic Defense Rite: Half Reversal, Half Protection
  • Using a candle to neutralize an enemy
  • How to get rid of an enemy using a Tic-Tac box
  • Elemental Weapons: How to use the Earth Pentacle as a shield
  • How to conceal yourself from the attacks of others
  • Cursed or just bad planetary transits?
  • The Planet of Protection

...and much more!

You can begin downloading the Protection & Defense audio program immediately after purchase without delay to start defending yourself and loved ones with confidence!

You can download this and other Mind & Magick programs & courses at

Stay safe, stay secure. Start practicing Protection & Defense today!

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Last updated May 25, 2023

Protection & Defense is part of The Magician Essentials Vol. 2 Bundle

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Running Time:
84 Minutes
Skill Level:
Intermediate +
November 2017
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Protection & Defense

107 ratings
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