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The Laws of Magick Vol. 2


The Laws of Magick Vol. 2

Mind and Magick

More Laws, More Lessons...

Are you having difficulty manifesting with magick?

Or are you back for more lessons to improve your magick?

Either way, The Laws of Magick Vol. 2 goes even more in depth than before!

The Laws of Magick Vol. 2  is the much anticipated follow-up sequel to the highly rated The Laws of Magick subscription series, detailing the universal rules everyone must follow in order to have a successful magickal practice.

If you've ever practiced magick and wondered why you didn't get the results, you probably violated one or more of these laws. Or perhaps it did work, but not as you expected and the results were greatly diminished.

With over 20 years of experience with occult magick, Frater Xavier will show how following the Laws of Magick will set your practice on a solid foundation.

The Laws of Magick Vol. 2 picks up right where the previous Laws of Magick series left off. Completion of the first course before taking this one isn't necessary, but is recommended.

Each week for a year, a new lesson on one of The Laws of Magick Vol. 2 will be sent to the email you enrolled with. Please make sure to allow emails from Gumroad to receive the weekly lessons. Lessons can also be found in your Gumroad library.

The Laws of Magick Vol. 2 consists of 50 lessons plus an Introduction & Epilogue to the series.

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Subscriptions are set to automatically end upon the completion of the course (12 months)

The conclusion to the Laws of Magick series may be just what you need to propel your practice to the next level. Join today!

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Series Length:
1 year / 52 weeks
.mp3 audio
#51 - #100
Skill Level:
Intermediate +
March 2020
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