Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing

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What is more important than your Wellbeing?

What if you could improve your wellbeing by taking simple actions?

What if you could improve the situation for you and those you care about?

Imagine how much better you would feel being the best you can be!

Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing is the latest program from Western ceremonial magician Frater Xavier detailing what magicians and occultists do to keep healthy, active & energetic.

With over 20 years of experience with occult magick, Frater Xavier explains what he does to keep away illness and recover quickly at times when caught off guard. While not offering any "miracle cures", Frater Xavier has witnessed many recoveries that are difficult to explain by conventional rational logic.

The secrets of these amazing recoveries are now being shared with you!

Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing is the one Mind and Magick program you don't want to be without!

The topics in Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing include:

  • Why health & healing is one of the most difficult types of magick to perform
  • Why it is often easier to be successful performing magick for others rather than for yourself
  • How having a positive attitude and demeanor helps people to recover faster
  • Why magick for health & wellbeing should be part of your regular routine maintenance
  • How desperation for yourself or others, can do more harm than good
  • Why sometimes there just isn't anything that you can do and how to deal with it
  • How magick can make for some amazing and dramatic turnarounds and recoveries
  • How your environment plays a major factor in your overall health and wellbeing
  • Diet & nutrition: Why what you put into yourself matters so much
  • The most important vitamins to build a healthy immune system
  • The main 2 additives you want to reduce or avoid in your diet
  • How to eliminate or reduce candida overgrowth by making a single change in your diet
  • How the pH balance in the body is important to disease and illness resistance
  • Going high tech and automating your diet & nutrition
  • A recipe for an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing super-drink
  • The importance of exercise to prevent inertia
  • How to properly conduct prayer to be very effective
  • How to cleanse yourself of ongoing issues with soap & water
  • A ritual for a year of good health
  • A ritual to call upon the Archangels for healing assistance
  • A spell for ailment recovery using an envelope
  • A vitality spell using a circular piece of paper
  • A full moon figure candle healing spell
  • A candle spell for weight loss
  • A rite using stones for removing negativity
  • A figure candle spell for healing & helping others to recover
  • A ritual to release emotional trauma and turmoil
  • How to use eggs to cleanse & remove negativity from people or rooms
  • A meditation ritual to cleanse yourself of negativity & remedy insomnia
  • How to dry erase your ailments away
  • Laying on of hands and the reason why NOT to do it
  • A discussion on spontaneous recovery & healing

...and much more!

You can begin downloading Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing immediately after purchase and begin using your newfound knowledge to your advantage and those you care about.

You can download this and other Mind & Magick programs & courses at

Begin to safeguard your wellbeing by using Revival: Magick for Health & Wellbeing today!

Disclaimer: This program does NOT contain medical advice. Magick is NOT a substitute for professional health & medical care. A doctor should always be consulted for all health concerns & issues you may have. Magick should only be used in addition to your doctor's advice. Due to the unpredictable nature of magick, plus many known & unknown variables, results may vary.

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Last updated May 25, 2023

Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing is part of The Magician Essentials Vol. 3 Bundle

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May 2020
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Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing

69 ratings
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