Thoughtforms & Servitors

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Putting Your Magick on Autopilot...

How would you like to have a faithful servant do all of your magickal heavy-lifting for you?

What if you could create an entity to perform tasks to your benefit while freeing up your time so you can focus on other things?

Imagine how easy your life would become!

From Western Ceremonial Magician Frater Xavier, Thoughtforms & Servitors is a two part audio program detailing the various types of thoughtforms and how to create your own servitors to serve your will.

With over 20 years of experience with occult magick, Frater Xavier teaches all you need to know to create your own servitors and get your thoughtforms working for you instead of against you.

Thoughtforms & Servitors is an essential must have program for anyone interested in creating their own servitors to follow their instructions, by using a very effective kabbalistic ritual system.

Whether you are an advanced practitioner or a beginner, Thoughtforms and Servitors has something to offer.

Thoughtforms & Servitors is a two part audio program that includes:

  • The Traits and Characteristics of Various Forms of Thought
  • Thoughtforms and How They Relate to Paranormal Occurrences
  • Are Thoughtforms Programmable Entities?
  • Avoiding Accidentally Creating Thoughtforms That Work Against You
  • The Hermetic Principle of Mentalism
  • The Differences Between Thoughtforms, Egregores, Tulpas, & Servitors
  • The Corporate Egregore & What it Consists of
  • The Most Important Thoughtform of All
  • Creating Big Changes by Making Small Shifts in Perspective
  • How Your Thoughts Produce Your Results
  • Breaking Looping Patterns of Thought
  • What Constitutes Wisdom and How to Develop It
  • Are Thoughtforms All Psychological?
  • A Ritual to Call Upon Ancestral Spirits for Aid & Assistance
  • Piercing the Veil: How to do the Sign of the Enterer & Sign of Silence
  • Community Thoughtforms and a Servitor to Get a Good Parking Space
  • The Divine Act of Servitor Creation
  • Properly Planning Your Servitor
  • How to Use the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to Create Life
  • The Path of the Flaming Sword: A Ritual to Create Servitors
  •  Fail-safes to avoid a "Mr. MeeSeeks" situation with your servitor.
  • Symbolically Formulating Your Servitors Appearance
  • What to Feed Your Servitor and How Often
  • Choosing a Home For Your Servitor When It's at Rest
  • Understanding the Concept of Idols
  • An Easy System for Naming Servitors
  • How to Create Your Servitor's Sigil & Where to Keep it
  • How to Call Your Servitor to You Whenever You Need it
  • How to Re-purpose Your Servitor
  • How to Properly End the Life of a Servitor

...and much more!

You can begin downloading the Thoughtforms & Servitors audio program immediately after purchase without delay to begin creating your personal servitors and putting your success on autopilot!

You can download this and other Mind & Magick programs & courses at

Get ready to have your own personal staff of servitors working for you with Thoughtforms & Servitors today!

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Last updated May 25, 2023

Thoughtforms & Servitors is part of The Magician Essentials Vol. 2 Bundle.

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Thoughtforms & Servitors

112 ratings
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