The Magician Essentials Vol. 3 Bundle

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Are you ready to level up your magickal power?

Are you an aspiring Magician?

Are you ready to level up your skills and abilities?

Imagine having everything you need in one purchase!

The Magician Essentials Vol. 3 bundle is the third set of four Mind & Magick programs by Frater Xavier at one low discounted price, that are essential for every aspiring Magician wanting to level up their skill and practice.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise with occult magick, Frater Xavier gives you everything you need to continue to advance your practice & master the art of magick.

Psalms: Magick of the Old Testament, Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing, Godforms, The Divine Mind: Mastering the Subconscious

The Magician Essentials Vol. 3 includes the following programs:

Psalms: Magick of the Old Testament (Full Version)

Topics included in Psalms: Magick of the Old Testament:

  • How to use one of the most powerful books of the bible to help you achieve what you desire
  • How Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Conjure practitioners use the Psalms in their magick to great effect
  • How to reconcile your Judeo-Christian beliefs with your magickal practice
  • How having a Judeo-Christian upbringing can give you an advantage when using the Psalms for magickal purposes
  • What the Psalms are exactly and how best to use them
  • The multiple authors of the Psalms and their importance in the scripture
  • How Psalms is one of the only books in the bible that is ok to cherry pick scripture from
  • How to curse your enemies without it being considered baneful magick
  • The polarity of the bible
  • Getting "God" on your side to gain authority in magick
  • The authority of the magick circle
  • Mystery words frequently found in the Psalms
  • The various types of Psalms and their themes
  • Incorporating the Psalms into your magickal practice
  • How to use the Psalms without an existing magickal practice
  • When NOT to use the Psalms
  • A remedy for insomnia and how it works
  • All 150 Psalms and their uses in magick

Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing:

Topics included in Revival: Magick for Health and Wellbeing:

  • Why health & healing is one of the most difficult types of magick to perform
  • Why it is often easier to be successful performing magick for others rather than for yourself
  • How having a positive attitude and demeanor helps people to recover faster
  • Why magick for health & wellbeing should be part of your regular routine maintenance
  • How desperation for yourself or others, can do more harm than good
  • Why sometimes there just isn't anything that you can do and how to deal with it
  • How magick can make for some amazing and dramatic turnarounds and recoveries
  • How your environment plays a major factor in your overall health and wellbeing
  • Diet & nutrition: Why what you put into yourself matters so much
  • The most important vitamins to build a healthy immune system
  • The main 2 additives you want to reduce or avoid in your diet
  • How to eliminate or reduce candida overgrowth by making a single change in your diet
  • How the pH balance in the body is important to disease and illness resistance
  • Going high tech and automating your diet & nutrition
  • A recipe for an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing super-drink
  • The importance of exercise to prevent inertia
  • How to properly conduct prayer to be very effective
  • How to cleanse yourself of ongoing issues with soap & water
  • A ritual for a year of good health
  • A ritual to call upon the Archangels for healing assistance
  • A spell for ailment recovery using an envelope
  • A vitality spell using a circular piece of paper
  • A full moon figure candle healing spell
  • A candle spell for weight loss
  • A rite using stones for removing negativity
  • A figure candle spell for healing & helping others to recover
  • A ritual to release emotional trauma and turmoil
  • How to use eggs to cleanse & remove negativity from people or rooms
  • A meditation ritual to cleanse yourself of negativity & remedy insomnia
  • How to dry erase your ailments away
  • Laying on of hands and the reason why NOT to do it
  • A discussion on spontaneous recovery & healing


Topics included in Godforms:

  • What a Godform actually is
  • How & why we assume Godforms
  • Patheons of traditional & modern Godforms
  • Why assuming Godforms is best practiced away from home & in public
  • How & why Frater Xavier is a Godform
  • How Godforms are synonymous with the Will
  • How assuming Godforms can make you better and more successful at performing specific tasks and actions
  • How assuming Godforms can get people to like or react differently to you
  • How the assumption of Godforms is closely associated to hypnosis and hypnotic anchors
  • How assuming Godforms will grant you overwhelming confidence
  • How the name of God describes the assumption of Godforms
  • The difference between affirmations and speaking as a Godform
  • The connection between assuming Godforms and invocation
  • Why Hollywood, mainstream media & religion try to scare you away from magick and practices like assuming Godforms
  • How the assumption of Godforms can help solve your problems
  • Why the assumption of Godforms is the practice of choice when "on the go"
  • How to "charm" others by placing a Godform on them
  • Controlling the environment of an entire room using the elements & how to do it
  • A traditional "Golden Dawn" style method of assuming Godforms and a more modernized method, as well as the pros and cons of each.
  • The invocation of Harpocrates
  • The one danger & risk of assuming Godforms
  • How to release the Godform and return to normal
  • How to assume into the highest version of yourself
  • Knowledge & communication with the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA)
  • How to properly ground yourself after assuming a Godform or performing a magickal operation

The Divine Mind: Mastering the Subconscious

Topics included in The Divine Mind: Mastering the Subconscious:

  • The Subconscious Mind: What it is and how it controls our lives
  • Why some people seem to live a charmed life while others struggle
  • Achieving Praxis
  • Linking Ourselves to the Divine
  • Subconscious Programming and Reprogramming
  • Habits: How to rid yourself of bad ones and replace them with good ones
  • Affirmations: How they work and are they worth it?
  • Hypnosis and the drawbacks to using it
  • Magick & how it ties in with your programming
  • How everything is connected through the divine link
  • Spirits and the subconscious
  • The properties and attributes of the Subconscious: How it all works
  • The filtering effect of the conscious mind and how it prevents you purposefully programming the subconscious.
  • Subliminal messages
  • Gnosis and how to easily achieve it.
  • The language of the subconscious mind and how to communicate with it.
  • Instructing the subconscious to manifest things into your life.
  • N.L.P. - How to program people without their awareness of it.
  • Body language and it's subconscious importance.
  • Analog marking: Embedding commands in text or speech.
  • How to use analog marking or NLP for more business.
  • Being aware of any background music and what it's putting into your subconscious.
  • Subtle influencing techniques that are under the radar.
  • How to know when someone is lying to you.
  • Rapid induction technique that is able to get someone to fall in love with you within 30 minutes or less....and much more!

Save almost 20% off the regular price on all four of these must have programs in one convenient bundle rather than purchased separately!

Over 5 1/2 hours of content for one low price!

You can begin downloading The Magician Essentials Vol. 3 bundle immediately after purchase and begin increasing you magical abilities today!

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The third set of 4 Mind and Magick programs are essential to anyone wanting to level up their skills and abilities for their magickal practice. Get started today!

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Last updated May 25, 2023

Included Programs & Formats:

Psalms: Magick of the Old Testament
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Revival: Magick for Health & Wellbeing
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.mp3 audio
The Divine Mind: Mastering the Subconscious
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The Magician Essentials Vol. 3 Bundle

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